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We Participated In the Erasmus Plus Project.

The project we were a partner of was accepted. We realized the project named "Always Move" with reference number 2022-3-TR01-KA153-YOU-000095092. In the youth workers project, in which 35 people participated in total, 6 countries were involved in the project in total, with 7 people from each country. among these countries, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, including us, participated. The project started on 17.06.2023 and ended on 27.06.2023

The first thing we want to achieve by implementing the project is to increase the awareness of physical activity, which is very low in our country, and to show from different angles how necessary sports are for human life. Regular physical activity and sports reduce the risk of both physical and mental diseases such as cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, depression. The fact that people adopt a more sedentary lifestyle as a result of not increasing awareness of sports and physical activity is among the problems we want to prevent. The project aims to emphasize both in partner countries and internationally how beneficial physical activity is for health at all ages, getting rid of bad habits, socializing and protecting against various diseases.


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