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Erasmus Plus project we partnered with was accepted

Our youth exchange project named Noise Map with reference number 2022-3-HU01-KA152-YOU-000095775 has been accepted. The project, which will take place in Budapest, Hungary between 02.10.2023-08.10.2023, lasted for a total of 6 days between 02.10.2023-08.10.2023, was realized with the participation of Hungary, France, Czechia, Italy, Turkey and 5 countries in total, including us. There were a total of 51 participants in the project. While determining the number of people in the project, in which 10 people from each country participated, importance was given to gender equality.

As for the subject of the project: With our project, attention was drawn to noise pollution, which is becoming more and more important every day. In order to prevent the problem, we identified the regions most exposed to noise by creating noise maps in the first stage and making ratings on these maps. During the project process, we discussed many achievements related to noise pollution with our participants and raised awareness.

With the issues to be addressed in our project; Raising awareness about noise pollution,

To instill in our target audience that noise pollution harms the human body rather than visual pollution, to be a pioneer in addressing the noise maps created on a city basis on a street / street basis, to ensure that the participants have information about noise sources.

If you want to have more detailed information about our project, you can find enough information from the erasmus plus results platform I have left below.


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